Why Classical Education?

First, What is Classical Education?

America is witnessing the rapid growth and success of a pedagogical movement which is showing unprecedented levels of enrollment and stability despite the many challenges concerning enrollment that Catholic Schools have faced in the New Millennium. Catholic Classical Education reclaims the traditional education approach of formation in virtue faithful to the doctrine and dogma of the Catholic Church. 

Classical Liberal Education satisfies the Magisterial teaching on what a Catholic School should be. The Church recognizes that “a Catholic school should be inspired by a supernatural vision, founded upon a Christian anthropology, animated by a Catholic Worldview, and sustained by the witness of teaching.”  Catholic liberal education is “classical” because as it incorporates into its pedagogy the lost tools of learning. Advocated by Dorothy Sayers in her essay of the same name, what modern education has gradually abandoned is the developmental division of intellectual, moral, spiritual and social formation into three distinct and sequential attitudes that mimic the developmental cycle of human persons: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Grammar concerns the learning of the basic ‘language’ and facts through memorization and repetition. Logic concerns the use of “discursive reason” to integrate, harmonize, and elaborate, upon the ideas and principles presented in the learning of Grammar. Finally, Rhetoric (or dialectic) is the training and ability to communicate, develop, and critique the ideas developed with logic to argue and defend a position well with conviction and eloquence, and to garner confidence in one’s beliefs. An education founded upon this method enables students to achieve what Sayers rightly identifies as the one “true end” of education: “to teach men how to learn for themselves.”  In bringing this lost yet reemerging tradition of education to the Central Valley, Holy Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy (HMSOW) will provide an attractive, genuine, lived presentation of the Faith that has the ability to turn the hearts of our young people, and their families, to the One Thing that finally matters. Whereas contemporary schools might be solely focused on college and career placement, HMSOW sees college and career as a piece of a broader plan of ascent to God's Will, acceptance of civic duty, and passionate pursuit of goodwill among man. Our Expected Student Outcomes (below) are the ends to which we orient each activity.


Expected Student Outcomes

  • School of Grammar (TK through 2nd Grade)

    • Theological Virtues

      • Live your baptism

      • Live your faith

      • Pray

      • Revere God

    • Intellectual Virtues

      • Learn to learn

      • Seek the transcendental properties: what is true, good, and beautiful

      • Wonder about Creation

      • Appreciate stories, poems, and music.

    • Moral  Virtues

      • Tune to your well-formed conscience

      • Grow in virtue

      • Be transformed in mind and heart

      • Be a good citizen

  • School of Logic (3rd Grade through 6th Grade)

    • Theological Virtues

      • Know and live the baptismal virtues of faith, hope, and charity

      • Know and live your faith

      • Frequent the Sacraments and traditional devotions

      • Revere God and His Creation

    • Intellectual Virtues

      • Learn to make proper judgments and connections between concepts

      • Seek to understand what is true, desire what is good, and love what is beautiful

      • Explore Creation through the sciences

      • Examine human nature in history and classical literature to better understand our Christian anthropology

    • Moral  Virtues

      • Form a properly oriented conscience that is adaptable to myriad situations

      • Grow in virtue to master self and move to joy with the ease of a morally good life

      • Contribute to the common good of society by practicing duties of citizenship, promoting the dignity and sanctity of all persons, and practicing stewardship of Creation

      • Accept the call to continual self-conversion and express compassion and forgiveness to others

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