Our Staff's Commitment to You 

Four walls and other buildings don’t make a school. Even curriculum is only a part of the school. When all the peripheral elements of a school are removed, the people who make up the teaching and operating staff are truly the essential element of the school. The analogy is not dissimilar to the Church. Like the Church its people are fulfilling their call when they are animated by the Holy Spirit; uniting their will with the Divine Will. All staff, whether instructional or operational staff, are ministers and, God-willing, examples of Christian life to the students. Like the minimum expectations the Church communicates in her wisdom to the faithful, Holy Mary Seat of Wisdom (HMSOW) expects the following of all staff to ground staff in prayer and focus actions on the Divine Author of the universe:

  • A personal, deep-seated, and orthodox, Christian faith in the Trinity, Christ’s redemption of man’s sins, and other core tenets of Christianity

  • Live a lifestyle that reflects an authentic, continual attempt to die to self and mirror the virtues and faith of our patron and Her Son

  • Always carry the academy-provided Handbook of Prayers on campus (this handbook is frequently used in personal prayer or prayer in meetings)

  • Participate in staff-wide morning prayer

  • Stop all activities at Noon to recite the Angelus with other students and staff

  • Uphold and promote the Academy’s personal conduct policy with all students and staff

  • Be an advocate for the classical form of education

  • Know HMSOW’s mission and assess all actions against the Expected Student Outcomes

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